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Private Charter

Category: Private Charter
Rent a catamaran in the Caribbean as low as $450/day. On average, expect catamaran rentals to cost about $1,200/day or $8,500/week. But remember, these boats can usually accommodate up to 12 guests, and the costs can be split between family and friends on board.
Category: Private Charter

Yacht charters in Nassau cost from $3,800 per day and $24,500 per week. You can also rent with a skipper and crew which can come at an additional cost. Alternatively, Nassau sailboat rental costs from $366 per day and $3,367 per week.

Category: Private Charter

Modern catamarans are very durable, even in rough seas, and they have excellent buoyancy. The risk of a reversal is certainly poor, it can withstand sustained waves and wind. There are areas where time can change abruptly, but not to the point of surprising a boat unless you sail on ocean routes.