Experience the Ultimate Bahamas
Adventure with Seas N' Cays Cruises!

Unforgettable 3-in-1 Excursion

✅ Cruise the stunning Bahamian waters
✅ Explore vibrant marine life with snorkeling
✅ Swim alongside adorable pigs on a secluded island
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Catamaran Ride


Enjoy a thrilling 15-20 minute catamaran boat ride to Rose Island.
On the way we stop for snorkeling in crystal clear aqua blue waters with beautiful majestic fish.
A delicious hot lunch awaits you on shore, followed by swimming pigs and cuddly piglets!
The journey home is just as much fun with music and tropical drinks (rum punch) and soft drinks for kids.

Coral reef snorkeling in Bahamas waters is the most unique experience to date! Bring your camera because words can’t accurately describe it. The water is so clear, so blue. The fish and coral are neon colorful of purple, green, yellow, red! Its truly beyond amazing.

TameD & Well trained

Swimming Pigs

Swimming Pigs

Rose Island pigs are the most tamed and well trained pigs in the Bahamas.
You will be given apple bits in a cup with a skewer.
Simply step out into the ocean waist deep and pigs will swim to you in order to be fed.
Fun for children of all ages.
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Pigs – by Pirates

Back in the day, way….way…way,  “Pyrates of Olde” populated these isles with chickens, goats and pigs; in the event they were shipwrecked and or “beached”
(banished for disobeying Captain’s orders.)
Every time pirate ships returned to these islands, they were met by swimming pigs.

Way out in the family islands generations of pigs have survived hot beaches. These pigs tend to be wild and are always hungry. Hence, stories of pigs biting tourists.

But on Rose Island our pigs are tamed and well trained. Cuddle piglets and feed pigs in a family friendly environment guaranteed to be enjoyed by all, especially the pigs.

Guests will have access to all beach amenities and will enjoy a hot meal and additional activities such as kayaking, volleyball and paddle boards. 

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